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Mixer Module Comparison Table August 22.

If the inputs or outputs say 1, this is mono. If the inputs or outputs say 2, this is stereo. If there is a number in brackets after, that is the quantity of that type; e.g. the 4ATTMIX has 4 of the same mono output.

Mono mixers are usually meant for CVs, and stereo mixers are usually meant for audio, but feel free to experiment! Several of the modules have audio/CV switches for improved sound quality.

ModelCost (3/22) Module SpaceInputsOutputsFX SendFX ReturnLevel MeterHeadphoneBuilt in FXWiki Page
Compact Mixer€118.00610222(x2)YYNCompact Mixer
Mixer 4 4€22.00141(x2)NNNNNMixer 4 4
MM33£60.00233(x2)NNNNNWonkystuff MM33


  • The 4 Attmix and 4AttMixFader are the same module electronically. The faders are really useful for audio mixing.
  • The Compact Mixer has all connections available as AE or 3.5mm sockets.
  • The Dronx also has distortion & a tone control for the overall mix.
  • The Mixconsole has CV control of channel levels, (only one in AE), and is infinitely expandable with accessories, please see the Wiki page.
  • The Mixer 4 4 has another ("B") mixer built in, which is 4 mono inputs (no control over level) to 2 mono outputs, great for CV mixing.
  • The Polamix has an offset knob as it designed for CV mixing primarily.
  • The Xmix has 3 other mixers built into the module, with little control over the input levels so mostly for CV mixing. These are a 4 to1 mixer, and 2 mixers that can be 4 to 1 or a 8 to 1 with 4 of the inputs attenuated at a fixed level.
  • The µ2Mix has another ("B") mixer built in, which is 4 mono inputs (no control over level) to 2 mono outputs, great for CV mixing. On the main mixer, there are level controls for 3 inputs only. This module has to be mounted in the uBase module.
  • The MM33 is a matrix mixer, i.e. any of the 3 inputs can go to any of the 3 outputs, their levels set by the knobs on the front panel. Very useful for CV modulation matrix, and for more complex audio patching.

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