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The MM33 Mk2 is now available, ready built:-

This is a standard buffered matrix mixer where each output contains a mix of signals 1-3 determined by the position of the controls. Controls are laid out such that inputs are arranged in rows (number of stripes indicates the input number), and outputs are arranged in columns.

This is an introduction and build video of the mm33

The outputs are buffered and have a small amount of gain. Each output has multiple output pins.

Module power consumption: <1 mA



Version 1

  • 1 - CV input for channel 1
  • 1a - Audio input for Channel 1
  • 2 - CV input for channel 1
  • 2a - Audio input for Channel 1
  • 3 - CV input for channel 3
  • 3a - Audio input for Channel 3

Version 2 has improved inputs so the same input can be used for CV or audio, this is optimised for the outputs via a switch instead (see below). V2 also has a

  • MULT - passive mixer/splitter not connected to the module circuit.


  • x (x3) - The combined signal whose level(s) are set by the left hand column of knobs.
  • y (x3) - The combined signal whose level(s) are set by the central column of knobs.
  • z (x2) - The combined signal whose level(s) are set by the right hand column of knobs.


  • The top row of knobs (1 line) is for channel 1, the left knob sets the level for output X, the middle knob sets the level for output Y and the right knob the level for output Z.
  • The middle row of knobs (2 lines) does the same for input 2.
  • The bottom row of knobs (3 lines) does the same for input 3.

Version 2 also has 3 switches, 1 for each output to select between audio and CV signals. The difference is audio in the AE is centred around 2.5Vs, whereas CVs are 0 to 5V.

Patch Suggestions

This mixer is excellent for combining CVs and sending to multiple outs, a veritable modulation matrix!

It can be very useful to use as a submixer to combine oscillators/waveforms before sending to different filters or other processing on different outputs.

If you need CV control of a level, you can do this by adding a VCA before the input but this will obviously affect all 3 outputs for that signal. Conversely you can put a VCA on an output before going on to further processing but this will affect any input signals sent to that output. If you have a spare input or output, this can be used with a VCA to give you CV control of a lone signal selected by the relevant knob being turned up....

It can be used as a straight forward, 3 Channel attenuator by each input going to a different output, make sure the knobs for the other outputs are turned down!

Matrix mixers are great tools for all kinds of experimental music and are especially useful for no-input mixing type of projects. Here is a Youtube video of a similar mixer and how to use to make music:

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