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A 4 input, 1 output audio mono mixer (i.e. not stereo), with individual channel knob for levels. There is also a 4 channel mixer (B1 – B4) without control which can be used for mixing CVs.

Module power consumption: 5 mA


  • A1 - Channel 1 of the A mixer.
  • A2 - Channel 2 of the A mixer.
  • A3 - Channel 3 of the A mixer.
  • A4 - Channel 4 of the A mixer.
  • B1 - B4 - 4 inputs for the mixer without any level control within the module.


  • A (2x) - Output of Mixer A.
  • B (2x) - Output of mixer B
  • Mult - labelled Thru on some modules. A passive mixer/ splitter not connected to the module circuits.


  • Level 1 knob - The level of input A1 in output A.
  • Level 2 knob - The level of input A2 in output A.
  • Level 3 knob - The level of input A3 in output A.
  • Level 4 knob - The level of input A4 in output A.

Patch Suggestions

The most obvious use is to patch the oscillator(s) and noise module to the Mixer 4/4 to have a complex sound before it even gets to the Filter etc.

If you want a "chiff" of white noise at the beginning of the sound, put the Noise thru a VCA controlled by an Envelope before it goes to the mixer. The same applies if you want a higher pitched oscillator to fade in over a held note, use use a VCA and an envelope with a slow attack before the mixer and voila!

The B mixer is the best way of combining CVs, it can be done via the Mult/Thru on various modules, but that is less reliable. An LFO and Envelope combined before going to the filter can be really useful. Combining CVs is helpful for any module that only has one CV input, or where you want more than one sort of modulation on a specific item, e.g. Filter cutoff Frequency.


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