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In this section you will learn how to build and design your own synth modules.

There are three paths from here. The first and easiest is to purchase the BRAEDBOARD module from the tangible waves website. This will give you a good framework and base on which to experiment with basic electronic circuits. It contains most of what you need for building your own oscillators, filters or modulators.

To follow this easy path please move on to

Easy Projects for the BRAEDBOARD Module

Once you have more confidence in your designs and want to "freeze" a circuit into a "real" module, you should consider buying the DIY Kit and soldering the circuit permanently to the board.

To follow this path and try your hands on some intermediate projects move to

Intermediate Projects for the DIY Kit

The third and most advanced path is to build everything, even the module frame and faceplate, from scratch. This should only be attempted by advanced builders and will require you to have the tools and knowledge required for this.

To follow this advanced path and build your own totally custom module move to

Advanced DIY Projects

No matter which path you choose above, the following links will offer valuable information which will help you understand more about the AE Modular system.

AE Modular Technical Guide

Useful Resources

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