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The POLAMIX is similar to the 2CVTOOL in that you can offset, attenuate and invert signals, but it also acts as a 3 channel mixer. Try to use this with 3 LFOs for modulation mayhem!

Module power consumption: 2 mA


  • IN 1 - accepts any CV or audio signal
  • IN 2 - accepts any CV or audio signal
  • IN 3 - accepts any CV or audio signal


  • Bus CV - CV signal from MIDI
  • Bus CTRL - CTRL signal from MIDI
  • OUT (x2) - output of the 3 channel mix
  • MULT - passive multiple, not connected to the module's circuitry


  • OFFSET - Boost or lower the overall level of the output
  • LEVEL 1 - Boost or lower the signal level of input 1.
  • LEVEL 2 - As above for channel 2.
  • LEVEL 3 - As above for channel 3.

Patch Suggestions

This module is excellent for combining CVs, e.g. an Envelope and LFO to go to one destination (e.g. Filter cut off frequency); you can set the level of modulation for each of 3 CVs input, and this is very tweakable during a performance.

It makes an excellent submixer to combine the oscillator outputs for different timbres, this could be the multiple outputs from one VCO or up to 3 separate ones...

Overview video by The Tuesday Night Machines:


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