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This filter module is a variant of the Korg MS20 filter. With a switch it can be turned into either lowpass or highpass filter mode, but not both at the same time.

Module power consumption: 3 mA


  • IN H - this is "driving" the input signal to a higher level
  • IN L - this is sending a lower input level of the signal to the circuitry
  • CV 1 - accepts CV control for cutoff frequency
  • CV 2 - additional CV control for cutoff frequency


  • OUT - the output of the filtered signal
  • MULT - an unbuffered multiple
  • BUS CV - this sits below the input jacks on the left side and will output CV pitch from a connected MIDI device
  • BUS CTRL - this sits below the input jacks on the left side and will output the MIDI control message from a connected MIDI device.


  • FREQ Knob - cuttoff frequency
  • CV 1 Knob - control voltage attenuator
  • LP/HP Switch - filter type lowpass / highpass

Patch Suggestions

The filter can be used just like any other filter in the AE range, however it offers a very pronounced and beautiful resonance that goes quickly into self resonance.

Sound Examples


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