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The FMOS is a new digital oscillator that brings FM synthesis to the AE modular! It offers the basic FM synthesis with one oscillator and one modulator, running both with sine waves or triangle waves. The modulation depth and frequency ratio of the modulator can be set with a knob and additionally by CV control. If you want pure sine waves, this is for you too - simply set the modulation level to 0.

Module power consumption: 30 mA


  • CV1 - CV control over the pitch of the oscillator.
  • CV2 - CV control added the CV1 to control the pitch.
  • MLT CV - CV control over the FM frequency ratio of the modulator.
  • DPT CV - CV control over the depth of the modulator's depth.


  • B.CTRL - CTRL signal from MIDI bus
  • B.CV - CV signal from MIDI bus


  • Switch triangle/sine - switch between triangle or sine waves of both carrier and modulator.
  • PITCH - Potentiometer for changing the pitch of the oscillator. When CV is sent, then that will be added to this setting.
  • Switch +2OCT - When in high position, the pitch will be increased by 2 octaves
  • MULTIPLIER - Potentiometer to select the FM frequency ratio. Any CV control will be added to this setting.
  • MOD DEPTH - Potentiometer to select the depth of the modulation. Any CV control will be added to this setting. Turn it all the way to the left (set to 0) for pure sine waves.

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