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This 1/3 height micro module is jam packed with features such as:

  • 2 channel Track or Sample & Hold
  • Noise
  • Random clock

This module needs to be installed on the µBASE module!

Module power consumption: ? mA


  • IN 1 - the audio to be "sampled" on channel 1.
  • TRG 1 - when activated the module takes a voltage measurement from input 1.
  • IN 2 - the audio to be "sampled" on channel 2.
  • TRG 2/CLK - when activated the module takes a voltage measurement from input 2 and can also act as clock for the random CV output.


  • 1 - S&H output channel 1
  • 2 - S&H output channel 2
  • R - Noise
  • CLK - Random Clock


  • T&H / S&H Switch - changes the behaviour of either sampling the input and holding that voltage at the trigger point, or tracking the input when the trigger is positive; these cause very different CVs to be produced by the module from the same input.
  • TAP / MODE Button - tapping the button a few times sets the speed of the random value changes.
Tapping the button only one time: The random value output is updated when the input TRIG2 gets a trigger signal / it's synced to TRIG2 input.
Mode display and changing:
Holding the button displays the currently set mode:
1x: (audio) noise output
2x: random CV
3x: random CV, smoothed
To change the mode: Hold the button longer until the desired mode (= number of LED flashes) is displayed, then release the button. The mode and selected speed is saved when powered off.

Patch Suggestions

This module is very similar to the combination of NOISE and SAMPLEHOLD and all the patch suggestions for those modules apply here as well.

Track and hold is a very unusual function to be offered even in modular world, it can be a very interesting source of CVs; it can also be used to generate a semi-repetitive CV depending on the input.


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