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The NOISE module generates ... yes ... noise!

There are three types of noise in the module: analog, digital and crackle. See outputs below for details.


  • CV - control voltage input for RATE (see below)


  • A OUT (2x) - analog noise: a fluctuating voltage between about 1v and 4V
  • D OUT - digital noise: a random changing 0V / 5V
  • CR OUT - crackle noise: random triggers (on newer versions)
  • MULT, labelled Thru on the picture here - passive signal splitter/multiplier
  • BUS CV - MIDI pitch signal from the bus
  • BUS CTRL - MIDI control signal from the bus (CH1 - CC20)


  • RATE Knob - controls the color of the noise, which goes from almost white noise on A output and knob fully clockwise to a rather harsh and digital sound on D output and RATE counter-clockwise.‚Äč It also controls the density of the crackle on CR output.

Patch Suggestions

A popular patch is to connect A OUT to a VCA (IN) controled by an envelope to get percusive sounds.

Use D OUT for harsher bit-crushed sounds.

Connecting CR OUT to S&H (TRIG1) and A OUT to S&H outputs random voltages at intervals set by the trig input on that module.

When used as audio, CR OUT gives a nice vinyl-like crackle sound.

If used through an attenuator (e.g. 2ATTCV) it can be nice as a random modulation source on things like filter cut off.


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