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With the STOMP-IO module, you can integrate guitar effect pedals and similar devices into your AE modular system! For output (send) and input (return) return there is a mono minijack socket; two minijack to 1/4" socket adapters are included as effect pedals usually work with the latter ones. Send and return levels can be controlled with separate knobs.

Front Panel Controls

  • SEND - This controls the amount of the modular signal that is sent to the external effects processor (pedal)
  • RETURN - This controls the amount of the return signal coming from the external device

Inputs and Outputs

  • IN - Put a signal from the modular in here to be sent to the external effects processor (pedal)
  • OUT - This takes the return signal from the external devices which you can now patch into further signal chain in your modular.
  • MULT - there are 2 on this module, which are separate, one each side. These are passive splitters/mixers and very useful.
  • SEND 3.5mmm socket - signal to go to the external device. Level controlled by knob above.
  • Return - 3.5mm socket for the signal coming back form the external device. Level controlled by knob above.

Patch Suggestions

TW do provide 3.5mm to 6.35mm adaptors with this module, but cables with a different plug of these sizes on each end are readily available; less bulky at the AE end and, in theory, should be more reliable connection.

Obviously you can use any sort of pedal, but delays, flangers and phasers are particularly good with the AE.

Some users like distortion pedals, and this can be quite effective via the Stomp I/O as you can adjust the level to suit with the return knob. Running that distorted sound through a filter can be really good.

You can also use it to send a signal to an external synth, mixer or other device. The return can also be useful for bringing an external signal in as you can control the level with the return knob.

One immediate use found was the use of a bass synth pedal to boost the low end of the KICK module.

If you plug the 2 3.5mm sockets straight to each other, (lead not supplied), this module can be an attenuator, freeing up more complex modules for other duties.


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