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Analogue drum machine style kick (bass) drum

Module power consumption: 3 mA


  • Trig - use a pulse to activate the module sound, usually via one of the divider modules, or the Topograf module.
  • Mult - a passive signal mixing/splitting capability on several AE modules, no control of signal levels within the module.
  • Bus Gate - +5V with key on from an external keyboard over midi via the master module.


  • Out (3) - signal out.
  • Mult - passive signal mixing/splitting, no control of signal levels within the module.


  • Pitch - sets basic pitch of sound
  • Decay - sets how long it takes the sound to stop after triggering.
  • Drive - more drive adds roughness/buzz and volume.
  • Pitch Decay Switch - The Decay can also cause the pitch to drop as well as volume. 1980's Simmons drums...
  • Trig - direct, manual triggering of module - very useful.

Patch Suggestions

The Kick module doesn't go very low in Pitch for modern tastes, going through one of the filters can fix this - Nyle Filter is recommended.


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