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This module provides an output for 1 or 2 pairs of headphones. It means you can listen to the AE modular without external studio equipment.

Module power consumption: 15 mA


  • In L - left stereo signal. Also the mono input in conjunction with the mono/stereo switch
  • In R - right stereo signal
  • Mult - passive mixer/splitter, no connection to circuits in this module.


2 x 3.5mmm stereo headphone sockets


  • Mono/Stereo Switch - If working in mono, this switch allows the Left input signal to go to both headphone speakers.
  • Volume - Level of headphone sound, same for both outputs.

Patch Suggestions

This module is essential if you want to play with just your your AE modular, and is very useful for using when doing mobile synthing - e.g. on batteries in the garden or wherever. Other equipment can be brought into the AE via the 4 I/O and mixed within the AE before out to the HP Amp module if needed.

The Multi-FX module is great for taking a mono signal and making it stereo before that goes to the HPAMP module. Another option is the Mixconsole.

NOTE: due to the signal amplification there can be a noticeable hum or noise when using this to connect to line level equipment like recorders or mixers. For mixing and recording it is better to use the outputs from the Master module or 4I/O which are line level.


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This manual is a community work in progress. If you would like to help out with completing this manual please send a PM to @admin at the AE Modular Forum. The status of each page can be seen on the Trello board at

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