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A digital multi-FX unit which can be mono or stereo. There are 15 different programmes, each with 3 parameters that can be adjusted via the front panel knobs or CV. The programmes are listed on the display on the lower right hand side of the module, with the current selection being lit up.

Module power consumption: 64 mA

The video at the bottom of this page gives an excellent demo of what this module can do.



  • In - Signal for processing
  • CV PAR 1 - CV which affects parameter 1 of the selected program in conjunction with the Par 1 knob.
  • CV PAR 2 - CV which affects parameter 2 of the selected program in conjunction with the Par 2 knob.
  • CV PAR 3 - CV which affects parameter 3 of the selected program in conjunction with the Par 3 knob.


  • L - left stereo output
  • R - right stereo output
  • MONO - mono output
  • Mult (5) - a mixer/splitter separate to the main module electronics.


  • Input Level knob - a useful attenuator/ boost for the signal being input to the module.
  • Feedback Knob
  • Dry Knob - sets the level of the original signal in the output.
  • Wet Knob - sets the level of the effected sound in the output.
  • Program Knob - selects the program as shown on the display on the right side of the module.
  • Par 1 Knob - sets the amount of Parameter 1 for the selected program, usually the Pre delay/room size
  • Par 2 Knob - sets the amount of Parameter 2 for the selected program, usually Reflections/repeats level
  • Par 3 Knob - sets the amount of Parameter 3 for the selected program, usually Brightness/LPF cut off.

Effects Parameters

ProgramParam 1Param 2Param 3
REVERB 1Reverb timeHigh FilterLow Filter
REVERB 2Reverb timeHigh FilterLow Filter
DEEP SPACEReverb timeDelay TimeHigh Filter
RESOVERBReverb timeResonance frequencyResonance feedback
SHIMMERShimmerShimmer feedbackReverb time
PINGPONGDelay timeFeedbackHighFilter
DUAL DLYDelay Time LeftDelay Time RightFeedback
DELAY+REVDelay timeFeedbackReverb mix
FLANGERReverb mixFlanger RateFlanger mix
CHORUSReverb mixChorus RateChorus mix
PITCH SHPitch +/- 4 semitones  
PITCH DLYPitch ShiftDelay timeDelay mix
TREM REVReverb mixTremolo rateTremolo mix
GLITCH DLYDelay timeFeedback/AliasPitch shift
RING CRSHOSC PitchCrusher mixReverb mix

Patch Suggestions

This module is useful to create a stereo output from the AE modular, and can be sent out via the 2 I/Os on the Master module, or 2 of the 4 I/O module routes.

The reverbs and shimmer are excellent for drones/pads etc.

It can be used in conjunction with the Lo-fi delay to get echo type sounds with other FX, usually reverb.

The Mono output can be excellent to feed back into the AE modular to process the sound further, e.g. a filter on a reverb'ed lead sound can be really good. Do watch for causing feedback within the AE modular.

A slow attack envelope can increase one or more of the parameters which, usually, increases the level of the FX but always changes it. This can be really interesting.

This video by TheTuesdayNightMachines is a great demo of the different modes and effects of this module

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