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The CVSHIFTER module is the AE version of the well-known analogue shift register modules that are around in the modular world since a long time. It works like this: The CV input is sampled with each trigger input signal and this CV is sent to the CV 1 output; at the same time, all CV outputs 1-4 are shifted by one.

Compared to the "classic" circuits, this module is digital based and therefore doesn't suffer from drift as some analogue ASRs and S&Hs do. The result is, that you can e.g. control the pitch of up to four oscillators which is a first step into polyphony.

Power Consumption: 12 mA

The CVSHIFTER module offers three modes:

  • Classic - Each trigger shifts the CV outs by one position, the new CV goes to output CV 1
  • Cycle - Each trigger sends the CV to the next output channel, restarting at out 1; additionally a gate signal at the according output.
  • Random - The CVs are sent in random order to one of the four outputs, plus a gate at the according output.


  • CV - the input CV which is sampled with each trigger pulse
  • TRIG - the trigger input which samples the input CV and sends the output to one of the outputs
  • TRIG SLOW - ?
  • RESET - reset the sequence


  • CV1 - The first output of the sequence
  • CV2 - The second output of the sequence
  • CV3 - The third output of the sequence
  • CV4 - The fourth output of the sequence
  • TRIG1 - When in CYCLE mode this sends a trigger on the first step of the sequence
  • TRIG2 - When in CYCLE mode this sends a trigger on the second step of the sequence
  • TRIG3 - When in CYCLE mode this sends a trigger on the third step of the sequence
  • TRIG4 - When in CYCLE mode this sends a trigger on the fourth step of the sequence


  • MODE - cycles through the 3 modes explained above.
  • RESET - performs a manual reset of the sequence
  • MAN TRIG - manual trigger

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