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This module allows you to mute up to a maximum of 6 independent channels via the press of a button. It will not put any clicks or noise in an audio signal.


  • IN 1 to IN 6 - accepts any CV or audio signal controlled by the relevant numbered button below.


  • Out 1 to Out 6 - No signal if the relevant numbered button is lit, signal from the same number input if not.


  • 1 to 6 buttons - controls whether the signal at the same number input is allowed through to the same number output. E.g. Button 4 controls the signal from input 4 to output 4.

Patch Suggestions

The most obvious use is for dropping in and out separate parts of your AE audio in a live situation.

It can be excellent used in conjunction with a rhythm patch to drop a percussion sound in/out which can totally change the feel of the groove. This could be one sound from the Drum Kit Module, one from the Kick Module and sounds from the Algodrone Module amongst others

Muting any sort of CV signal can be useful; a good example is pitch modulation (vibrato) on/off. Another is an offset voltage which opens or closes the filter depending on the mute switch position. There are many, many others...


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