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The DRUMKIT 010 consists of 11 8-bit drum sound samples; 6 of them can be triggered in parallel in any combination by the trigger inputs.Don't expect high quality from this module - it's by design a nasty, lo-fi drum sound source, but definitely with its own character. Works great together with the analog KICK module.

Module power consumption: 3 mA


  • BD - trigger for bass drum
  • SD - trigger for snare drum
  • CP - trigger for clap
  • CH - trigger for closed hi-hat
  • OH - trigger for open hi-hat
  • FX - trigger for FX sound
  • PITCH CV - cv control of pitch for all sounds
  • ACCENT - trigger for accent


  • OUT - audio output of mix of all sounds
  • MULT - unbuffered multiple


  • BANK Knob - select a bank of sounds, this selects different sounds for the 6 channels. Because there are only 11 sounds in total, each bank is a different mix of 6 of those sounds.
  • PITCH Knob - select the pitch of all sound samples
  • REVERSE Button - while pressed, all samples will play in reverse
  • TRIG MODE Switch - if set to A any rising signal will trigger, if set to D a short pulse is expected.

Patch Suggestions

The DRUMKIT works best when triggered by either the TOPOGRAF, TRIQ 164 or MM-DIV modules.

Some older versions of this module are a bit low in volume, so patching the output through the 2SIGNALAMP will boost the signal to be on par with other voices in the system.


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