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The DRUMKIT 010 consists of 11 8-bit drum sound samples; 6 of them can be triggered in parallel in any combination by the trigger inputs.Don't expect high quality from this module - it's by design a nasty, lo-fi drum sound source, but definitely with its own character. Works great together with the analog KICK module.

Module power consumption: 3 mA


  • BD - trigger for bass drum
  • SD - trigger for snare drum
  • CP - trigger for clap
  • CH - trigger for closed hi-hat
  • OH - trigger for open hi-hat
  • FX - trigger for FX sound
  • PITCH CV - cv control of pitch for all sounds
  • ACCENT - trigger for accent


  • OUT - audio output of mix of all sounds
  • MULT - unbuffered multiple


  • BANK Knob - select a bank of sounds, this selects different sounds for the 6 channels. Because there are only 11 sounds in total, each bank is a different mix of 6 of those sounds.
  • PITCH Knob - select the pitch of all sound samples
  • REVERSE Button - while pressed, all samples will play in reverse
  • TRIG MODE Switch - if set to A any rising signal will trigger, if set to D a short pulse is expected.

Patch Suggestions

The DRUMKIT works best when triggered by either the TOPOGRAF, TRIQ 164 or MM-DIV modules.

Some older versions of this module are a bit low in volume, so patching the output through the 2SIGNALAMP will boost the signal to be on par with other voices in the system.

One of the great things you can do within modular is combine sounds; this module can be used to put an a noise on the attack part of a sustaining sound from a VCO; Roland D50 Sound and Synthesis for 10% of the price!

The drum sounds from this module can, of course, be processed by the rest of your AE system; Lo-fi delay, Filters and Kurt's Deadband are highly recommended.


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