This module gives you a 2 to 8-channel switch, controllable from the buttons on the front panel or via the gate inputs. The circuit can be used bidirectionally; i.e a signal can be sent to one of eight destinations or one of eight signals can be selected to go to the output. Its a variation of the 3VCSWITCH. It uses a 4051 chip, a 1-to-8 multiplexer/demultiplexer.

Interesting patterns can be generated by patching LFOs or triggers to the GATE inputs. It pairs wonderfully with trigger modules.

The state of the bits A, B and C determines the INPUT/OUTPUT. For example, let's suppose we have a signal coming into IO1:

- If all bits are LOW (0V), the signal will go through OUTPUT 1

- If A is HIGH and both B and C are LOW, the signal will go through OUTPUT 2

- If B is HIGH and both A and C are LOW, the signal will go through OUTPUT 3

- ... and so on.

A, B and C set the binary number of the INPUT/OUTPUT.


A nice extension for this module would be converting it to a variable sequencer, adding a pot for each channel then routing their signal to a single OUTPUT.


  • IO1 - IN/OUT going to/from OUTPUTS
  • GATE1 - a +5V signal here sets bit A to HIGH
  • GATE2 - a +5V signal here sets bit B to HIGH
  • GATE3 - a +5V signal here sets bit C to HIGH
  • +5V - output giving +5V


  • 1-8 - OUT/IN from/to IO1


  • A button - When pressed sets bit A to HIGH, ignoring the GATE1 signal.
  • B button - When pressed sets bit B to HIGH, ignoring the GATE2 signal.
  • C button - When pressed sets bit C to HIGH, ignoring the GATE3 signal.


Patch Suggestions

This module is excellent for providing variation in rhythms / sequences by cutting a trigger in or out via the buttons if "playing" the AE modular, or the gate inputs - the latter can be done with an LFO, envelope or one of the sequencer modules. It works really well with all of the sequencer and counter/divider modules. Combine them to get even more interesting results.

To use it as a gate/trigger sequencer, patch the +5V output to the IO1, then any combination of LFOs and/or other triggers to the GATEs. Different patterns will be sent through the OUTPUTS.

Following is a video featuring the module:

+5V patched to IO1

Each of the OUTPUTS is patched to one of the DRUMKIT010 inputs.

Two MM-DIV outputs are patched to GATE1 and GATE2 to provide steady rhythm.

GATE3 receives the signal from ALGODRONE's output, giving the whole thing a touch of chaotic randomness.

The DRUMKIT is then sent out after some minor processing.

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