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Advanced DIY Projects

This is the most advanced path to building DIY modules and you should feel quite confident with electronics and soldering before attempting these projects.

Please follow this Getting Started Guide

Eventually we will have proper projects with step-by-step descriptions, but for now your best resource for inspiration is the DIY Section of the Forum.

3BITSWITCH - This is an advanced project in which you will create your own module completely from scratch using strip board.

Here are some notable projects from the forum:

Let's DIY Together - This is a very thorough introduction to building your own modules and has a handy shopping list of things you might want to buy first before you get started.

Passive Attenuators - This is the first project from the "Let's DIY Together" thread and is a not only a great first project, but also a handy module to have.

Passive OR Logic - The second project in the "Let's DIY Together" series and another handy module to have in your rack.

Buffered Multiples - The third project in the aforementioned series. This module offer a real benefit above the standard multiples in that with this module there will be no voltage drop for long signal chains.

Arduino Nano Beep Clock - This project incorporates an Arduino Nano to make a sophisticated BPM clock source.

Thundersound CV Generator - This is a very advanced project based on an Arduino Pro Micro, but it's well presented with circuit diagram and build instructions.

Experiments with cutting your own front panels - This thread teasers some interesting looking DIY modules but shows in more detail various options for making your own front panels.

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