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This module gives you 3 separate switches, controllable from the buttons on the front panel or via the gate inputs. Each circuit can be used bidirectionally; i.e a signal can be sent to one of two destinations or one of two signals can be selected to go to the output.

Module power consumption: 4 mA


  • IO1 - Circuit 1's in/out going to/from 1A or 1B
  • Gate1 - a +5V pulse here switches from 1A to 1B or from 1B to 1A
  • IO2 - Circuit 2's in/out going to/from 2A or 2B
  • Gate2 - a +5V pulse here switches from 2A to 2B or from 2B to 2A
  • IO3 - Circuit 3's in/out going to/from 3A or 3B
  • Gate3 - a +5V pulse here switches from 3A to 3B or from 3B to 3A
  • +5V - actually an output giving +5V, the maximum the AE Modular can deal with. Very useful for further processing via this module or others for modulation.
  • Bus Gate - This output gives a +5V signal whilst an external midi device key on is pressed, via the Master module.


  • 1A - Circuit 1's A in/out
  • 1B - Circuit 1's B in/out
  • 2A - Circuit 2's A in/out
  • 2B - Circuit 2's B in/out
  • 3A - Circuit 3's A in/out
  • 3B - Circuit 3's B in/out


The panel is marked 1,2 and 3 for each circuit, the controls are the same for each.

  • Latch button. - When this button is pressed it moves the connection from A to B or B to A.
  • MMT button. - When this button is pressed output/input on A is switched to B, or vice versa, but only whilst the switch is pressed, i.e. it is a momentary button.

Patch Suggestions

There is a patch challenge for this module on the forum. Here you can find more interesting uses of this module:

This module is excellent for providing variation in rhythms/ sequences by cutting a trigger in or out via the buttons if "playing" the AE modular, or the gate inputs - the latter can be done with an LFO, envelope or one of the sequencer modules. It works really well with the TRIQ164 and the (discontinued) Step 10 modules. The SEQ16 module main out can work with a bit of care, but it works really well using of one of the various gate outputs to the 3VCSwitch, especially combined with the Logic module to vary things further.

It is useful where you want to automate switching between 2 audio paths, (e.g. 2 different filters) as part of a patch.

It can be used to create Stereo from mono by going 1 in to 2 out, (thanks to Tuesday Night Machines for this one). He suggests "now use a square VCO to quickly switch that audio signal between the ears for crazy effects".

Other trigger/ trigger variation modules, like the Divider (discontinued), Trip, MM Divider and, particularly the Topograf combine with the 3VCSwitch for endless possibilities.

Below is a video by the5thvolt a with various patch ideas:

This video is for a Eurorack module similar to the 3VCSWITCH, and so gives some more ideas you may want to explore.


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