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Robert Langer


Being addicted to sound in many forms since his childhood, Robert started with electronic music back in the 80s, inspired by Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and other pioneers of that time. As his father worked a lot with electronics, he had the chance to learn a lot about how to create this stuff and so built several different modular synthesizers, besides playing synths like DX-7, D-50 ("digital" was new and thrilling at this time). After a long break - about 25 years (!) - when Robert was completely absent from electronic music - he found his way back into it a few years ago and felt the same sense of fun as in the past; and now the technology to create all the things which he could only imagine or dream of back in the 80ies is there (powerful DAW's like Ableton Live, impressive Plugins, MAX/MSP als platform for creating all kinds of digital sound processing...), really mind-blowing!

Robert also re-discovered the special flavour of analog synthesis, so he got back to modular synthesizers (first with a system from my old friend Dieter Doepfer); and now is creating his own modules and devices again! Since 1987 Robert worked as an electronics development engineer, IT supporter and software developer; the connection of art and technology in the field of electronic music is now his main focus.

tangible waves started in 2017 with the introduction of the AE Modular system via a Kickstarter Campaign which was successfully funded. It is now a growing business supported by a fantastic community of artists, customers and friends.



Robert and Antonia at DigitalAnalog 2020

Robert at Ambient Waves in 2019

Robert at Ambient Waves in 2021

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