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Meet the AE Modular Artists

The AE Modular system is only 3 years young but there have emerged a number of wonderfully talented artists that are regularly posting their original music made mostly with the AE Modular on the forum and on their respective YouTube or other media channels.

Some of those artists are listed below, please visit their pages and enjoy their work!

101 - Lo-fi experiments

BHRIDB - Exploring visual art and dark, ambient sonic textures

BLAKMOTH - Doombient Explorer

Black Warrior Lures - Electronic Minimalism and Fishing Expeditions

INTRLNKD - Synths and Deer

Martyn Stonehouse aka DATAStream - Music for Videogames Wizard

M. J. Hood - Synths and Trombone

DBSC - Noisemaker, audio engineer and general doer of interesting things

HAND - Experimental sounds and drum beats

John Tuffen - aka Wonkystuff, Namke Communications and many more

Krakenkraft - Ambient electronica with Berlin School influences

Nurishments - Collaboration between 2 Continents

Patterns of Life - Synth collector and musician

Slowscape - Visual artist, programmer, musician

SUBKLINIK - Death Industrial and Dark Ambient Textures

Synthotherapy - Playing Hardware Synths Live

The 5th Volt - Noise and the Beauty

The Otaku Project - Experimenting with Synths

The Soviet Space Dog Project - Studying at the Berlin School…

The Tuesday Night Machines - Synth explorer, DIY tinkerer and YouTube enthusiast

Visuelle Musik - Conjuring sounds from Grains

This page tries to bring the artists from the AE Modular community together and to give each artist a page of their own with a short bio, links to all their social media accounts and maybe a direct sample of their creations.

If you would like to be on this page, please contact @admin at the AE Modular Forum.

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