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River of Electrons is an identity of artist / musician Phil Jones who also makes music as Mentufacturer and runs the Synaesmedia YouTube channel.

River of Electrons is particularly focused on explorations of specific textures and techniques: these include raw electronics, to beeps of vintage computers, to assemblages of small synths & home-made devices.

Each RoE release is an investigation of a particular (and sometimes particularly restricted) sound-world which can be structured as anything from drones and noise, through to more conventional melodies. But the focus is heavily on the sound texture.


This is my first AE Modular release:


Much of what I do is in the computer. So I'm a heavy FL Studio user. Also working with Sonic Pi, VCV Rack, Processing, Pure Data, Lua Protoplug (a programmable VST).

But this year I'm dabbling in out-of-the-box hardware and electronics. And AE Modular is my strategy for this. A kind of hub to pull the rest of the small hardware and electronics I've been collecting together into a unified whole. This includes the Bastl Kastle, Korg NTS-1 and Monotron, an Arduino based Groovesizer, Zoom FX pedal, homemade "AtariPunk" console, self-programmed Arduinos and Microbits. And children's toys (ideally circuit-bent, but that's work in progress for a future release)

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