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(Roger Wilson)


Bought my first Synth in 1984 (a Korg MS20, which I still have), I intended to become a professional musician but life got in the way. I have been in a few bands, recorded with other people a few times but mostly work on my own since getting into Akai MPCs and acquiring a digital recorder; I was getting better results than the professional studio I was using at the time. I did release a CD in 2004, just as MP3s started to take over. I have music on iTunes and Amazon music which have done OK. My biggest problem is promotion, I'm just not very good at it, and not playing live doesn't help. I will play live again one day, but I've been saying that for many years...

On the AE Modular Forum I'm known as @pol.



I have an extensive studio, as I've kept virtually every piece of gear I've ever bought, and have an understanding wife! All time favourite synth (of ones I've own) is Korg MS2000, although the Novation Ultranova is close behind. There are many more in 3rd place, from the Bass Station 2 to the Studiologic Sledge 2.0 via Casio CZ101, Emu Virtuoso and Arturia Minibrute 2.

You can see my Pinterest page for my thoughts on various music making kit...

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