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Max Richardson is a freelance composer based in Merseyside, UK. His works are diverse, spanning from classical compositions to avant-garde electronica. Max’s works have previously been performed by members of the RLPO, alongside garnering national airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Max’s background as a classical pianist heavily influences his creative practice. Combined with his love for electronic music, his works often merge multiple genres, and utilise found sounds, field recordings and meticulously recorded studio instruments to craft unique soundscapes, rich in depth and emotional nuance. Max recently graduated from Liverpool Hope University with an MA degree in Electroacoustic Composition. Max is writing this about himself in the third person, and hoping that nobody has read this far.

The AE Modular system by Tangible Waves has become absolutely integral to my creative workflow as a composer. I spend most of my day working in a DAW, so it's really great to be able to break away from the screen and create with a really hands-on system.

I got hold of my AE system in 2020, and within about a week of owning a starter rack I'd realised that I was going to buy a second case. I couldn't believe the flexibility that this system offered, and the sheer joy of being able to patch together unique sounds.



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