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Earcandles (Rodney Berry)

Rodney is a musician, composer, media artist and technology researcher based in Sydney, Australia. As Earcandles, he performs live improvised electronic music, usually on instruments hanging from a guitar strap so he can move around the stage and among the audience.


Gear in my Studio

Synthesisers: AE Modular, NovaDrone(s), MakeNoise 0-coast, various half-built noisy things using Raspberry Pi, Teensy, Arduino etc.

Software: Bespoke, Orca, Pure Data, TouchDesigner, Audacity, Reaper, MusicWonk

Other Notes

I hope to make some modules of my own. I love tinkering and AE provides a great platform where power and signal housekeeping is largely taken care of.

I am also keen to develop tools to enable students and composers to work more easily with microtonality in their music. These tools include new keyboards and software, as well as new physical instruments.

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