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I'm a noisemaker, audio engineer and general doer of interesting things from Melbourne, Australia. I got ahold of an AE system in early 2019 and have slowly been building my way up to a system and studio setup I can use to work primarily out of the box and make some girthy, wall-of-sound synth-filled music. I'm a confirmed lurker on the forum, you can find me under the username @bradaddle.


  • YouTube (Mostly finished works)
  • Instagram (DIY studio upgrades and other such things)
  • Soundcloud (Sketches, b-sides and old stuff)


I'm happily working with my AE modular, two modded MS-20 Mini's and an Alesis Midiverb run through a modded Yamaha MC1202 desk into Ableton, which I also use as my primary sequencer.

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