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I'm a fisherman, and I make fishing content on YouTube. These are more than fishing videos. They are true documentary short films. After exhausting much of the music in the YouTube database, I decided to put my music training to work and score my own videos/films using modular synthesizers.


Here is my channel introduction:

This is my latest album on Bandcamp:


I have upgraded my AE modular synthesizer two four rows of 16U. I don't use external controllers. Every sound is with the AE Modular. I use a TASCAM DR60 MKII to record the audio. It's the same audio recorder used to film my YouTube videos.

This year I bought an Avante Achromic AS8 column PA system. Boy, it's sleek, and it sounds great! It's a portable PA system design to make a wide swath of sound without it being painfully loud as most loudspeakers. I call it the Megalith!

I compose all the music for my YouTube channel. Cameras are a pair of Z-cam E2C cinema cameras with vintage Canon FD lenses. Ninja V and a Ninja 2 video recorders recording in Apple Prores HQ.

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