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Step 1 - Connecting to Power

There are a few ways in which you can connect your AE Modular system to a power source.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that any power source that you connect to your AE Modular is 9 Volts and centre positive! This is different from common guitar pedals, which are centre negative. If in doubt, use a multimeter to test.

1. Use the mains power adapter

This adapter would have been delivered as part of the package if you have ordered either a Standard Rack 1 or Rack 2. You just connect the adapter to a nearby mains power outlet and plug in the little cable into the Master module.

2. Connect to a USB charger

USB chargers put out 5 Volts which needs to be converted to 9 Volts for the AE Modular. You can find USB 5V to 9V converters relatively cheap on eBay.

3. Connect a USB battery pack

Just like the USB charger method above, you would simply connect a 5V to 9V USB converter into a standard mobile phone battery pack and then power the AE Modular from this. You can easily power a 2 row system from a 10,000 mA/h battery pack for over 4 hours.

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