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Step 1 - Connecting to Power

There are a few ways in which you can connect your AE Modular system to a power source.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that any power source that you connect to your AE Modular is Volts and centre positive! This is different from common guitar pedals, which are centre negative. If in doubt, use a multimeter to test.

1. Use the mains power adapter

This adapter would have been delivered as part of the package if you have ordered either a Standard Rack 1 or Rack 2. You just connect the adapter to a nearby mains power outlet and plug in the little cable into the Master module. If you don't have an adapter, you can find one here.

2. Connect to a USB charger

USB chargers put out 5 Volts which needs to be converted to 9 Volts for the AE Modular. You can find USB 5V to 9V converters relatively cheap on eBay.

3. Connect a USB battery pack

Just like the USB charger method above, you would simply connect a 5V to 9V USB converter into a standard mobile phone battery pack and then power the AE Modular from this. You can easily power a 2 row system from a 10,000 mA/h battery pack for over 4 hours.

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