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Step 2 - Connect the Audio

There are two ways of making the AE patch leads connect to a 3.5mm mini jack for signals coming in or out.

On the Master module there is Audio I/O 1 and Audio I/O 2. These are bi-directional connections, but usually I/O 1 will be your output from the AE, the output from the last module in your patch needs to be connected to the Aud I/O1 socket, then the signal is at the Audio I/O 1 3.5mm socket on the front panel, to then take your patch to the mixer / monitor / recording system. I/O 2 is exactly the same, so can be useful for stereo patches. They can also be used to bring sound into the AE for processing.

The other method is by the 4 I/O module; this works in exactly the same way, but has switches so you can use control voltages (CVs) or audio in either direction.

There is a headphone amp module in the AE range, if you are wanting to listen just to the AE, this is highly recommended, and means you can set up a patch without having to have the rest of your studio on.

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