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OR 2x4

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This module provides an OR logic, where if a signal is at least one of the inputs, it/they will be sent to the output, this is useful for some mixing requirements and combining CVs. The output can also be synced to tempo via the gate in.

Module power consumption: 2 mA


There are two separate 4 input OR circuits, A & B. Both have the same inputs/outputs.

  • IN 1A - 1 of 4 inputs into the A circuit.
  • IN 2A
  • IN 3A
  • IN 4A
  • Gate A - If used, this will control when the output signal is available. If not used the output reflects the inputs directly. Useful for syncing to tempo etc. It can also be used to lower the volume/ voltage of the output.

This is duplicated for the B circuit.


  • OUT A (2) - Circuit A output.
  • OUT B (2) - Circuit B output.
  • Mult - A passive mixer/splitter separate to the main module circuits.


  • Link A-B Switch - This makes the module 2 separate 4 input Or circuits, or one 8 input circuit.

Patch Suggestions

If you use all 4 inputs on a circuit, be aware you will have no output if all 4 inputs have a signal. That would be an AND logic out.

This module is excellent for producing non-linear CVs, e.g. combining an LFO and an Envelope module through this can get very interesting.

It works well to combine triggers from the various SEQ16 outputs to get a different pattern to the main sequence.

You may find this link useful.


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