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  • Eurorack and the AE

The main method of incorporating the AE modular into Eurorack is via the Eurorack adaptors from Tangible Waves.

Please note that this is AE units, not Eurorack units.

You will need the AE Power module, or Master module to make the Eurorack power bus suitable for other AE modules, these take 1 or 2 AE units respectively. The big differences are that the Power module does not have any Midi facilities, but does offer a Headphone output which the Master module does not.

If your space etc. allows, it is sensible to keep your AE modules in their own case as Eurorack real estate is not cheap usually!

The actual patching/interfacing with Eurorack modules can be done through the I/Os on the Power or Master Module (they have 2). The 4 I/O module is highly recommended. All these I/Os keep the voltage in the 0 to 5V range the AE system uses, preventing any harm being caused to the AE. This protection does mean there are times you will not hear any changes as these are outside the 0-5V range, e.g. any negative voltage will be zero in the AE.

What other modules you use with the Eurorack system is entirely up to you; AE has cheap equivalents of many Eurorack modules and this is only increasing as Robert release more designs. Like many modular synths, AE has some unique abilities/ quirks etc. and you may want them in your Eurorack!

  • Connecting with other hardware

All of the general advice above applies to using the AE system with other synthesisers etc. Obviously synths with patchbays are great to put with the AE, e.g. The Behringer Neutron, Arturia Minibrute and Moog Subharmonicon. These examples all use 3.5mm jacks so the 4 I/O is perfect for connecting again.

Many sequencers and drum machines offer CV/Gate as well as midi these days, which increase your options dramatically in how you can work with them and the AE. Good examples here are just about any Arturia product, the Akai MPCs and Elektron Analog 4 MKII. There are many others...

There is a bit more info in the Studio Setup section.

We have also started a page for gear that is compatible with the AE, i.e. 0-5V CV/gates etc. Please do let us know about any gear not listed that you use.

External Gear List

  • Connecting with Korg Volcas

On the surface, Korg Volcas and the AE should work together well as they both use 5V. However they work differently so the use of the 4I/O or the I/Os on the Master or Power modules is highly recommended. It is possible to sync the AE and Volca, as per this video from the 5th Volt. %

Things are OK for triggers but not so good for CVs, so Robert has produce the VM-Bridge module to help.

Although specify meant for connecting the Volca Modular and the AE, it can be helpful for other items in the Korg range too.

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