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The VMBRIDGE module offers all necessary level adaptations for cross-patching between the Korg Volca Modular and AE modular! Although both use the same patching system, the signal levels are different and some combinations can cause distortions/clippings or even might harm each other

The module offers two audio and two CV connections for each direction (from/to Volca modular), plus two minijack connections for the CV and Sync in/out connections of the Volca modular.

Module power consumption: 3 mA

Inputs and Outputs

The module is designed as a mediator between modules on the AE modular and modules on the Volca Modular to make it safe to patch between the two devices. For this purpose there are two main sections on the module:

  • From AE to Volca - this is the top section with an arrow pointing to the right. The top left patch points labelled AU1 and AU2 take an audio signal from an AE module and translate it to the correct voltage for the Volca. You can then patch a cable from the corresponding patch point on the top right to the Volca. The same works for the patch points CV1 and CV2 but this works for CV modulation signals.
  • From Volca to AE - this is the lower section with an arrow pointing to the left and works the same as the above but in reverse. For audio signals patch the output of an oscillator (SOURCE) or LPG to one of the top right patch points in this section and then connect a wire from AU1 or AU2 to a filter or effect on the AE. Same applies for CV from the Volca for instance coming from one of the function generators.

3.5mm Mini Jacks at the Bottom of the Module

  • CV TO VOLCA - sends CV pitch and gate to the Volca .Connect a stereo cable here to the CV-IN port on the Volca Modular. This connects the 1V/Oct to the top (GATE) output on the Volca patch port and the CV to the bottom (PITCH) output on the patch port on the Volca.
  • SYNC I/O - carries a clock signal either from or to the Volca. Connect either a stereo or mono cable from here to either the SYNC-IN or SYNC-OUT port on the Volca Modular. Depending which jack you chose on the Volca, then the SYNC I/O patch point just above the jack becomes either an input or output.

All of this is explained in great detail in this tutorial video by The 5th Volt:

Patch Suggestions

Here is a techno jam:


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This manual is a community work in progress. If you would like to help out with completing this manual please send a PM to @admin at the AE Modular Forum. The status of each page can be seen on the Trello board at

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