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  • Patch & Tweak - a very nice "coffee table" book chock full of tips and ideas mostly on how to create sound with various Eurorack modules
  • Arduino for Musicians - exploring the world of DSP programming on the Arduino

Charles Platt is an author to look into if you are wanting to get into electronics and make your own modules:- Amazon UK Author Page : Amazon USA Author Page

Music News/Advice Websites

YouTube Channels - Excellent Equipment Reviewer with good hints and tips.

Had to do Tangible Waves! - Very good news channel/webite with reviews. - Carsten is the Admin of the Forum, and produces many videos about the AE Modular as well as producing music (as the 5th Volt). Several of his videos are included on relevant pages in the Wiki. - Felix does mostly his own music videos (as Tuesday Night Machines) but has done a series of useful videos on synthesis as well. A couple of his videos are in the Wiki too. - Synth etc News/Review Youtube channel, better than most... This is his AE Modular Review from 2020. - Excellent Modular Synthesis guidance/info and music, especially... You Can't Have Too Many VCAs - interesting live modular (Eurorack) patching demo (over an hour!)

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