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This is quad VCA which is designed only for audio use (unlike the standard Tangible Waves 2VCA which can be applied to both audio and CV signals). The original production run of red fronted modules. The current model with a black front panel. Functionally they are the same.


  • CV 1-4 - accepts an incoming control voltage, 0 volts is no signal to the output(s), +5V is the loudest signal.
  • VCA 1-4 - accepts the CV or audio signal you want to control


  • CV 1-4 - the CV is inverted (i.e "rotated" around 2.5V); if input is 0, the output will be 5V. If the input is 3.5V the output will be 1.5V
  • VCA 1-4 - Individual outputs of the 4 channels, the level set by the relevant CV input.


  • There are none!

Patch Suggestions

This is a good module to do stereo with, as the panning can be CV controlled. Send to the CV output of the left or right channel to the CV input of the channel doing the other side.

This feature can also be used to produce "Ducking". This is when a sound is reduced/removed when another sound plays. This is most often seen in radio/TV broadcasts when the announcer starts to speak the music will quieten. Like most effects it can be subtle or blatant. Send the CV output of the sound you want to play to the CV input of the sound you want to quieten/silence. Fiddle with the levels/CVs to get the effect you want. In some cases you may need an attenuator/mixer or a module like the 2CVTOOL

The 5th Volt has a video about this module

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