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This 1/3 height micro module provides a two independant channels for a signal amplifier which is very similar to the 2SIGNALAMP module.

This module needs to be installed on the ┬ÁBASE module!

Module power consumption: ? mA


  • IN 1, IN 2 - inputs for each of the amplifying channels


  • OUT 1, OUT 2 - outputs for each of the amplifying channels


  • LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 Pot - Level control for how much the relevant signal will be amplified.

Patch Suggestions

Some modules in the AE system produce very low volume or signal levels, eg. GRAINS, VCO, (particularly the triangle wave), and sometimes the SOLINA . With the SIGNALAMP you can increase the signal of these modules so they can hold their own in a mix with other much stronger signals. Also can be useful to boost heavily filtered audio....


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