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How to extend your AE Modular rack

The AE being modular, it is ripe for expansion in many ways, including building your own case(s) or modules. For that please see the DIY section. This section will cover items available on the Tangible Waves website, mostly this page

The current cases are able to attach to each other via holes in the casing. There are connecting brackets available in the TW shop, so you can place the cases at angles etc. The Hinge Kit pages explain what is best for what purpose, most people would need the type 1 which is preferred if it suits your needs.

For older, or custom, cases, there is the Racklink modules and cable. This has several benefits in that you are provided with some connections for patching as well as the busses for Midi and power.

Your cases can be independent via the use of the Power module instead of all powered from the Master module. This module also gives you a headphone output which can be very useful. This can be a good way to go if you have sub systems (i.e. you may take part to another studio/live etc), or you use parts of your AE with other synths and can place it by them instead of with the rest of the AE system as needed.

If you wish to incorporate the AE modular into a Eurorack system (very useful for live use). In a studio situation you may as well use an AE case and save that valuable Eurorack real estate. Some users have used the Eurorack adaptors to make their own cases as well.

If you are buying a bigger case, or another case to add to your current AE system, you need to be aware that you need to buy the appropriate bus cable as well; there are 3 sizes of AE case, 12, 16 and 20 units wide. The relevant cables are narrow, standard and wide respectively. If you purchase a 2 row case, you will need 2 of the relevant bus cable.


This case


This case

needs two of the same cable.

Don't forget to buy more patch wires as you expand your AE modular!

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