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This module is discontinued, replaced by the 2ENV module.

An attack/decay envelope generator with a sustain on/off switch.


  • GT1 - Main trigger input, +5V pulse will trigger the Envelope cycle.
  • GT2 - Secondary trigger input, +5V pulse will trigger the envelope cycle.


The first two are on the usual input side of an AE module.

  • Bus Gate - Gate is on when a midi note is held, via Master module.
  • Bus Ctrl - Value of Midi CC20 controller via Master Module.
  • OUT (4) - the Envelope CV value.
  • Mult (4) - a passive mixer/splitter with no connection to the module's circuits.


  • Gate Hold On/Off switch - when on, +5V will be at the output until the trigger is released. When off the envelope will go through its attack/decay cycle without pause, holding a trigger will not affect the envelope.
  • Fast/Slow switch - Affects the rate at which the envelope changes over time, fast is best for percussion.
  • Attack knob - sets the rate at which the CV rises from zero when the module is triggered.
  • Decay - sets the rate at which the CV drops to zero when the trigger stops, would be called release on a standard ADSR tyre envelope.

Patch Suggestions

Though the new 2ENV module is superior, this is still a useful module. It is very good for percussion, or putting a "brightness" on a sound when triggered (by modulating the filter in addition to whatever modulation you are using).

It provides an non-LFO modulation source which can be inverted with use of the Logic module (so you have a dropping voltage with attack, and rising with decay), this can be good on pitch modulation (subtly!) to sound more like an acoustic instrument.

The main reason to replace this module with a 2ENV would be space; you get 2 separate envelope circuits in the same module. The 2ENV also has CV control inputs for Attack/Decay, trigger buttons and, best bit, an LED that lights up when the envelope circuit is triggered.

This video by Synths & Things explains the ins and outs of this module really well:


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