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2TONE is a dual bass-treble tone control, that is a quite useful companion for the MIXCONSOLE, to shape the overall spectrum of individual signal paths.

Module power consumption: 4 mA


  • IN1 - Audio signal for channel 1
  • IN2 - Audio signal for channel 2


  • Out 1 - Adjusted signal for channel 1
  • Out 2 - Adjusted signal for channel 2


  • HIGH 1 - Adjust the high frequencies for channel 1
  • LOW 1 - Adjust the low frequencies for channel 1
  • HIGH 2 - Adjust the high frequencies for channel 2
  • LOW 2 - Adjust the low frequencies for channel 2

Patch Suggestions

Use this to raise or lower certain frequencies of a sound source before sending it to the MIXCONSOLE or other mixing module.

It can be useful to free up a filter module is some cases, e.g. roll the top off a bass pitch to make it deeper sounding.

If you want to risk your speakers/headphones, you can feed one channel's output into the input of the other channel so you boost the signal twice.


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