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This 1/3 height micro module provides a tiny LFO with three different waveforms: triangle, sawtooth and square wave. It also offers CV control for pulsewidth modulation for the square wave and a sync input to synchronise the waves with a a reference signal.

This module needs to be installed on the µBASE module!

Module power consumption: ? mA


  • PW CV - CV control for pulse width of the square wave
  • SYNC - input another LFO or clock source to synchronise waves


  • OUT (top) - outputs either a triangle or sawtooth wave depending on the position of the wave switch
  • OUT (bottom) - always outputs a square wave


  • PULSE WIDTH Pot - controls the pulse width of the square wave output
  • RATE Pot - controls the frequency of the LFO
  • Wave switch - select the output waves, either triangle or sawtooth.

Patch Suggestions

This can be used like any other LFO, see suggestions at 2LFO.

The square output is very useful for clocking sequencers, triggering Envelope generators etc.


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