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"Visuelle Musik" is the current solo-project of Mathias Brüssel from Mainz, Germany. He is active recording and performing with various formations since quite a while, including for "Flow" and "La mansarde hermétique". He is also developing applications for creative purposes, including software for algorithmic composition, for video-animation synced to music or firmware for hardware like MPE controllers.

More recently he became a writer with a focus on DIY and modular synthesis for a music magazine. AE Modular GRAINS and TBD are his favourite modules, because he can make those (almost) whatever he wants them to be.

He has created numerous firmwares/plugins for the GRAINS and TBD modules which you can find on Github at and



  • Ableton Live with Launchpad and Midifighter Twisters.
  • AE Modular

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