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Krakenkraft is an ambient musician from Munich, Germany. My main interests: strange sound textures, Berlin School‘ style sequencing, very slow minimalism – and anything else.


  • Bandcamp - Pieces that I found good enough.
  • Soundcloud - Track diary, you may hear some trash here, too.
  • YouTube - music only, with some video experiments
  • Instagram - synth selfies …
  • Discogs - they ignored the band camp albums but it’s ok

Here is an example track on my YouTube channel:


Starting with the first Starter Rack 2, the "evolved" AEmodular now has two big 2x20-cases almost fully used in a DIY stand.

More gear: Traditional modular system with around two 2x84HP plus Mother-32.

Misc: Soma Lyra-8, Waldorf Blofeld, Koma Field FX, Bastl Microgranny, Moog Etherwave Theremin.

Keys: Arturia Microfreak, Alesis Vi49 Masterkeyboard.

Plus various additional sound toys.

Other Notes

Remember: The AEmod started as an affordable/cheap low fi experimental system, not as a Moog/ARP clone or something smooth and perfect. Personally, I like its character – and I can't get rid of the feeling that I am learning more about modular synthesis with the AEmod than with my eurorack or VCV. Some modules are superior by their cleverness and number of CVable things. The baby can be compatible to eurorack via 4I/O modules and that really works out well and the BREADBOARD module even opens a door to DIY electronics with Arduino (although I yet only added the door, but failed to go thru it).

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