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My first exposure to electronic music was from listening to Detroit radio DJ, The Electrifying Mojo, playing Kraftwerk on a transistor radio in the late '70s. I was instantly hooked! In the early '80s I witnessed the burgeoning dance music scene in Detroit where high school groups kept dance music alive after the so-called "death of Disco". In the late 80s while in college, I heard all of the first House music records coming out of Chicago and the legendary techno tracks from my hometown.

I started DJing while in college at college campuses around the state of Michigan. I put it on hold to start my engineering career and then a family. Later in life, I started to slowly gather equipment and software to make music like I always wanted to. I also started DJing again, but this time with my other musical passion, Jazz, at an awesome musical venue, Motor City Wine.



AE Modular 2 row case, Elektron Octatrack MKII, Roland Juno 106, Make Noise 0-Coast, Arturia Drumbrute Impact, Crotter & Guitari Organelle, Novation 61SL MkII, Arturia Keystep Pro, Kork SQ1, various effects Pedals, Ableton Push, Technics 1200 turntables, and lots of vinyl records!

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