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This 1/3 height micro module provides a two channel EQ which allows you to control the higher and lower frequency of the incoming signal. It is essentially one channel of the 2TONE module.

This module needs to be installed on the ┬ÁBASE module!

Module power consumption: ? mA


  • IN - the incoming audio signal


  • OUT - the output signal after the frequencies have been adjusted.


  • LOW - Controls the amount of low frequencies in the output signal
  • HIGH - Controls the amount of high frequencies in the output signal

Patch Suggestions

This can be used as a simple EQ for your output signal, eg. in performances where you want to "fade" out the whole track by removing the low frequencies.

The uTone can be made to self oscillate, a bit like a filter; the resultant sound can be processed through the rest of the AE like normal, filters and the Phaser module are recomended.


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