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This module provides 3 standard USB connections for powering external equipment. Take care not to draw more power than your AE Modular power supply offers. Check the milliampere (mA) value on the power supply and your attached devices.




  • 3 x USB connections - power supply only.
  • 4 x +5V - +5 volt output
  • 4 x Ground - earth for completing circuit for DIY modules conjunction with +5 volt output.



Patch Suggestions

The +5 volt out can be used as a modulation source, although other modules provide a constant voltage as well. Use a 4ATTMIX or 2ATTCV to attenuate as needed.

This module comes with a USB light so mount the module so it shines down over your patching/playing area, or at least not into your eyes....


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This manual is a community work in progress. If you would like to help out with completing this manual please send a PM to @admin at the AE Modular Forum. The status of each page can be seen on the Trello board at

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