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Step 5 - Record your Performance

If you have your AE going to a mixer or audio interface already it is assumed you already know what to do to record your AE. If you would like help/advice on this area, please post on the forum:-

If you are listening to your AE directly through headphones or speakers, then all you need is a smart phone or, ideally a portable recorder. The smartphone can record audio through the built in microphone, but it won't be great quality sound wise. With video however, it can be really useful for remembering how to do a certain patch.

A better way to record audio with your Smartphone is by using a USB Audio Interface and connect this to your smartphone either directly via micro-USB to an Android or via the Camera Connection Kit (CCK) to an iPhone.

This video by The 5th Volt shows the different ways of how to do this:

Where a portable recorder really helps is by having a line in socket. It is likely you will need the 4 I/O module on the AE, but you can use the I/O(s) on the Master module or Power module. Removing the microphone out of the recording loop will improve the sound quality dramatically in most cases. Follow the instructions included with your portable recorder.

If you get your recording right (particularly levels), it can save editing and possibly problems later. The latter is more important if you are planning to release your recording in some format.

Mastering is something to be aware of if things are getting serious; the important thing it does is make sure there are not hidden frequencies which could be damaging speakers, changing apparent levels or affecting the mix. It becomes vital when combining tracks for a release so that there are not sudden volume changes (unless intentional!), particularly between tracks.

  • Going to Video

If you plan to do with a smartphone, please watch the Youtube video above.

If you own a digital camera it is worth checking whether it can do video/audio and also whether it has line input. If it has the latter, the advice in the video applies but you may need to read the camera's instruction manual. .

A live recording (i.e. recording your audio and video together) is the easiest way to produce a video for Youtube or wherever, as little/no editing is required. There are many free, basic video editing programs available, which you will need even if all you want to do is have a photograph showing (e.g. an album cover) whilst the audio is playing.

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