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This is a discontinued module and is no longer in production. It was replaced with the TRIQ164 Trigger Sequencer module.


  • Clock - trigger in to move the Step 10 to the next step. This can be from the Midi Clock, an LFO or any other +5V pulse (e.g. external sequencer)
  • Reset - This puts the step count back to the first one regardless of previous position. Use for sequences other than 8 or 10 steps.
  • B Gate - Midi Key on/off (external device via Master module)
  • B CLK - Midi Clock (96 pulses per quarter note via Master module)
  • B STRT - +5V pulse when Midi start is pressed (external device via Master module).*
  • B STP - +5V pulse when Midi Stop is pressed (external device via Master module)


  • Trig (2) - +5V pulse with each switch that is on below.
  • T. INV - +5V pulse with each switch that is off below.
  • Thru (4) - Marked Mult on the original modules, passive signal splitter/mixer


  • (10) 8 Switch - 8 or 10 steps in the sequence.
  • 1-4 Switches - Steps 1 to 4 of sequence, trigger or rest depending on position and which output used.
  • (5) Switch - Step 5 of a 10 step sequence
  • 5 (6) Switch - Step 5 of an 8 step, Step 6 of a 10 step sequence.
  • 6 (7) Switch - Step 6 of an 8 step, Step 7 of a 10 step sequence
  • 7 (8) Switch - Step 7 of an 8 step, Step 8 of a 10 step sequence
  • 8 (9) Switch - Step 8 of an 8 step sequence
  • 10 - Step 10 of a 10 step sequence

This seems untidy on paper, but works well as bottom 2 switches are ignored in an 8 step sequence, rather than last 2 switches in right hand column if numbering was the same.

Patch Suggestions

As a 10 step sequence it is useful to provide variation to the usual 8 or 16 step sequences, whether triggering percussion, providing volume or filter modulation (direct or by triggering an envelope module), or even another sound/pitch. Its set output can be varied via attenuation in the 4ATT/Mix, 2ATT/CV modules etc.


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