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This module adds two mono, balanced XLR jacks to the Mixconsole. It is not a freestanding design, it needs to MIXCONSOLE to work, and has to be mounted adjacent to that module and connects via a short cable at the back.



These are acquired from the Mixconsole.


  • Master L/ Bal Left signal of the stereo mix, Main out of the Mixconsole.
  • Master R/ Bal Right signal of the stereo mix, Main out of the Mixconsole.

Patch Suggestions

This module enables the AE to be patched into professional audio equipment. It is also worth considering if you are having problems with hum or ground loops when connecting your AE.

If you are also adding the MIXCONJACKOUT module, that module should be connected to the Mixconsole first. This module can be attached to either.

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