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Kurt's Sloth

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Kurt's Sloth is a slow, chaotic modulation/CV source for the AE Modular format. It is an adaptation of the legendary Eurorack "Sloth" circuit from Non Linear Circuits.

Kurt's Sloth comes as a complete kit with everything you need included. The build is easy and spacious, with all through hole components.

There are three, slowly moving outputs which are perfect for modulating parameters to bring movement to your patches. One large cycle usually takes about 15 seconds. Each output can 'orbit' around two different CV points, and can change from the one center to the other, seemingly at random, with little user control.


  • None!


  • X (x3) - Output swinging over a large voltage range
  • Y (x3) - A different output swinging over a smaller voltage range
  • Z (x2) - The inverted output of y


  • Torpor - 'Influences' the outputs (you have no direct control).

Patch Suggestions

Great on filter cutoff and resonance (via attentuators). The Nyle Filter is the only AE filter with CV control of resonance.

Using to create a gentle variation on LFO frequency can be very nice, especially on vibrato.


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