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The Great Divide

This is an R2R circuit, quite versatile for mixing CV and trigger signals. There are two independent circuits in this module, with a small variation.

This is Kurt's Tindie page where you can buy the kit.

It is based on Olegtron's R2R circuit; a quote from his page:-

"The first principle is, that when you connect a signal to any of the jacks, it affects the voltages in all the other jacks.* The ground connection has got a kind of a stabilizing effect, since the jacks near to ground are connected to ground with a smaller resistance. As more resistors are added to the series, the ground connection gets more distant. So, a signal plugged to a jack near ground has less overall effect compared to a signal plugged further from ground. Same principle goes when you plug more signals in: the signals get mixed together in relation to each other and the distance to ground. That’s how inputting signals work.

If you wish to get some signals out of the module, they’re available all around the place: the unused jacks provide each a different mixture of the signals, according to how near the signals are to each other, and to ground. The signals plugged to jacks near to the output are emphasized in the mix, and the output level is likely to be smaller when taken from near the ground."

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The left side is circuit one, The right side is circuit two. They are not connected unless you put a patch lead from one side to the other. All sockets can be inputs or outputs.

The only difference is that circuit two lacks the "1" socket, and circuit one lacks the "128" socket, otherwise they are functionally the same.


What the module does is affected by what sockets you put the input(s) and take the output(s) from. The resistors in the module will cause a voltage drop and, in general, the further apart the input and outputs are plugged in the more variation/change you will get.

Patch Suggestions

It is excellent producing multiple triggers from one input, which can be syncopated, or not....

It can generate a range of CVs for pitch or other duties from one input, and will mix audio or CVs in different ways depending in where they are plugged in, in relationship to the output....

R2R mixing is done by choosing different inputs: 1 is the quietest (lowest voltage), 128 the loudest (highest voltage).

It really is a module to experiment with, highly recommended for larger AE systems.


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