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This page is to give general advice and help about the AE system that is not specific to a particular module. There's lots more of this on the AE Mod Talk page of the forum....

Don't be frightened to ask any questions there; we try hard to be friendly and, more often than not, someone else also finds the answer useful.

The most important thing to learn for any user is that AE electronics cannot be broken by connections between modules, whatever input or output you put a lead into; indeed there can be unexpected effects which can be really useful!

Any negative voltage will be used within the AE as Zero volts. Negative voltages are not produced within the AE, you could only do this by connecting external gear.

Any voltage over 5V will be used as 5 volts within the AE. This is why sometimes an LFO or envelope will have little/no effect as the parameter knob (or possibly another modulation) is already at or near 5 volts. There are ways around this depending on what you are modulating, e.g. lowering the initial filter cutoff or VCO pitch will give more "room" for the CV. The various modules with attenuation, CV mixing and/or CV level adjustment can also help. experiment!

You can generate "Swing" in sequences/percussion patterns by patching the the trigger through an Envelope module. The amount of swing (delay) is be set by the attack time on your ENV, which you can of course randomise with the S&H module.

Most AE modules have MULT sockets. Most AE modules have multiple outs, but there are still times you need to split a signal into more to send to other destinations. Feed an input into a MULT socket and the other sockets in that same MULT with be the input signal. This also works in reverse for combining signals, although as as precise or reliable as using a mixer it can still be useful. Another use is if you do not have a long enough patch wire...

If you have 2 sounds you want to join together in a patch, this can be done by putting one of them into the output of the VCA module being used by the other. The other VCA output will then provide the combined signal. This may work with other modules too....

The Master Module and the AE power supply should be good to run up to a 4x16 module system. Some more power hungry modules may affect that, e.g. Cirrus. The milliamps for each module is quoted on it's Wiki page. You can buy a higher rated PSU (i.e more milliamps) to start with. You can also use to assist.

If you have not looked at an individual module's Wiki page yet, there are patch suggestions for all modules. If you have any good ones please let us know via the forum.

There is also the resource page:-

and this video/podcast from The 5th Volt and others... %

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